Legal FAQ

We're currently in the process of compiling a full list of the most frequently asked legal questions we've received from past clients. Check out a few legal FAQ's below in the meantime. If you need legal aid immediately, please contact us with questions and we'll answer them promptly.

Why Choose an Attorney to Handle My Case?

We've aggressively kept up with all areas and complexities of the law. While Michael I. Butera specializes in various aspects of the law, the size of our legal team, including the legal consultants we work with, allows us to offer counsel on nearly any facet of the law. Because you're working with an attorney opposed to a large scale law firm, the approach you get is a lot more personal and effective.

What Do You Get with Michael I. Butera?

You will receive superior service through careful consideration, confident counsel and unprecedented knowledge by NE Pennsylvania's top attorney, that's both efficient & effective in getting the results you desire.